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Luchtvaart in het coalitieakkoord

Het coalitieakkoord van 15 december 2021 besteedt ruimschoots aandacht aan de verduurzaming van de luchtvaart. Ook de luchtvaart moet een bijdrage leveren aan het terugdringen van de CO2-emissies, zo stelt…

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Eerste Webinar AHEV 2021

Via deze link is het het eerste webinar, georganiseerd vanuit het Actieprogramma Hybride Elektrisch Vliegen (AHEV), onderdeel van de Duurzame Luchtvaarttafel te zien. AHEV heeft als ambitie om als Nederland…

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Roland Berger, november 2020 By Manfred Hader and Stephan Baur   The future of urban transport is in the air. And ahead of the industry lies a golden future USD…

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Electrification Scenarios of Airplanes and Barges in the Netherlands till 2050

The Netherlands have committed themselves to a climate agreement (Klimaatakkoord) in 2019 aiming for greenhouse gas reduction of 49% by 2030 and 95% in 2050. The aviation and maritime sectors were initially…

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Towards Climate Neutral Aviation

Aviation is one of Europe’s main industries of excellence and an important contributor to the European Union’s economic prosperity: it maintains close to 5 million jobs and represents over 2%…

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Build back better – aviation sector in support of clean, green economic recovery

An open letter has been written from the European aviation sector to EU decision-makers supporting a green recovery from the COVID-_19-induced economic crisis. “The European aviation sector welcomes the approach…

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Hydrogen-powered aviation: preparing for take-off

Hydrogen as an energy source will play a key role in transforming aviation into a zero-carbon / climate-neutral system over the next few decades. Novel and disruptive aircraft, aero-engine and…

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Results of the Clean Aviation Public Consultation are now online!

A warm thank you to the 530 respondents from 31 different countries that took part in the Clean Aviation survey! We received more than 1500 comments, including a high number…

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Clean Sky report Highlights 2019

2019 was a significant year for Clean Sky. We are delighted to announce the launch of the Clean Sky Highlights 2019 report, available now for download. Halfway through the programme,…


Ontwerp Actieprogramma Hybride Elektrisch Vliegen (AHEV)

Het AHEV biedt inzicht hoe Nederland zich de komende jaren kan ontwikkelen op het gebied van hybride elektrisch vliegen. AHEV is bovenal het resultaat van een gezamenlijk en intensieve samenwerking van overheid,…

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